Automating Real Estate

When someone tells you that, “Real Estate agent or broker uses automation”, we tend to think about lines of servers with complex Artificial Intelligence, scanning everyone’s movements and suggesting best real estate to the potential buyers. A few keystrokes, and it would be ready to take over the world.

Automation may sound a bit dystopia, but these nifty softwares tend to cut down repetitive tasks, so that the user can do what he/ she is good at, selling real estates. It is impossible for agents to consistently and accurately follow with every potential customers and look up for every potential sale and /or listing in timely manner.

So, a real estate professional uses these automation software, to manage email marketing, editing and adding new contracts, maintaining tabs on the potential customers and even recording calls to tell what is their status, and not only limited to capturing email, creating profiles, scheduling behavioral triggers, sending mobile alerts. It brings multiple fragmented softwares into one and allows all of them to communicate with one another, so that marketing efforts stay consistent.

If you are giving it a thought, but did not completely understand it, its okay. Let us take an example. You are running an online store. Most of your customers put all the selected item in the cart and quickly complete the transaction. But some keep them in their cart, maybe looking for better deals on other store, or unsure if buying is economical. So, automation software catches these customers, email-ing them to encourage to buy, often by giving a discount. So, you do what you are good at, filling up with new items and maintaining other important jobs.

Some cases to consider:

1. Building Wow factor: When you go to a property site and click on something, say 2 bedrooms and a lawn, and browse the listings. You don’t buy immediately but wait it out,searching for wow house. Real Estate automation software tracks such online engagement, browsing patterns etc. and depending on those, they would create targeted emails, marketing messages, till you find the one which creates WOW in you.

2. Behavioral Trigger: If a new user browses property of a particular area, automating software puts results of that particular area on top of the search results.

3. Knowing clients: t is always beneficial to have knowledge on what the client really needs, before having a formal meeting with them. Automation puts a tracker on the Marketing website, which can go through all the recent history, as well as get information on what the client is really looking for.

4. Drip Email: What if the potential buyer browses the listings page and never come back? The time during browsing is where lead retention is done, and is helped by drip emails. It is the best way to engage the buyers and encouraging them actually buy. It can be customized to actually send emails holding advertisement of potential estates, using information from previously discussed triggers.

5. Identifying leads: It can be daunting for a human to look upon every client and deciding if he /she is ready to buy or not. Looking up for behavioral patterns on the listings site automating software will alert if the particular client is ready to buy or not.

6. SMS: Not only sending emails, but for a successful marketing campaign, SMS marketing by sending short messages and with the link for the same is found to increase extent of engagement.

7. E book: Most Realtors offer e book for clients to go through on what they can offer. It is mainly done by email, and this email is what auto mating software needs, along with few other details. The software can build huge datasets on what the new potential customer is trying to look up, and sending appropriate emails, so that he /she can find their wow property.

8. Blog: Having an active blog and nurturing the subscribers can generate a lot of leads. Marketing automation can help to setup email campaigns to nurture those. It can divide audience into segments and send them customized contents.

Let’s talk about benefits:

1. Saves time: Creating customized campaigns is now easy, as agents now don’t have to spend time doing repetitive tasks.

2. Making effective advertisement: Because marketing automation software uses data to make decisions, it can be said with certainty that correct message is sent to correct customer/s at correct time. Email, SMS messages and push notifications are streamlined into various marketing tactics.

3. Making marketing management easier.

To dominate Real Estate with Automation

It is well versed that everything cannot be done by the software itself. It requires human component to work all out. An agent should call the segmented list of potential clients and make them a lead toward potential buyers or sellers. If the leads are segmented into the database, and in some sort of nurture sequence, before phone connection is done, as relationships and referrals are essential for success.