Frequently Asked

What is hookfish partners?

Hookfish partners is the platform by Hookfish for property brokers. where they can register and start running a campaign for their property. Hookfish partners provide all in one solution to individual brokers to generate leads for their property. we provide varies services to help brokers to generate sales.

What are the different types of memberships that Hookfish offers?

we provide three memberships package in which you can choose from. Each package has there own benefits and limitations. we design the package as per the needs and preferences of the individual brokers. three packages are as follows
- Silver
- Gold
- Platinum

What is the Guarantee of sale?

Guarantee of sale is an essential feature of the platinum package which says if you as a broker did not achieve any sale during package periods, then hookfish will give your money back with no questions asked policy.

Types of Services in Individual memberships Package?

We have Different level of service under each package.
- Silver - 1000 emails, 25000 SMS, 1 Facebook Page for lead generation Campaign, 45 Days Customer mapping under you.
- Gold - 1000 emails, 25000 SMS, 1 Facebook Page for lead generation Campaign, 1 Landing Page, 45 Days Customer mapping under you.
- Platinum - 1000 emails, 25000 SMS, 1 Facebook Page for lead generation Campaign, 1 Landing Page, 60 Days Customer mapping under you.

What is the Price of the Individual memberships Package?

We design the pricing of each package with market Research and Considering Cost-Revenue Model. Prices are as Follows.
- Silver 4999/Month
- gold 14999/Month
- Platinum 29899/Month

Is the Guarantee of sale available for all the packages?

No. Guarantee of sale option is only available for platinum package brokers.

How many days does it take for a Premium Partner to receives the commission?

it takes 45 days to receive a commission in your bank account for premium partners.

What is the difference between Platinum and Gold Package?

The only Main Difference between Platinum and Gold Package is that the Platinum package includes Guarantee of sale features. Others minor difference is just numbers of SMS and Emails you can send, Numbers of days for Client Mapping.

What is a Dashboard?

Dashboard is a Place in you account, from where you can manage and run all your Marketing Campaign, Lead management and all account related options.

Where Can I See My Leads in Hookfish Partners?

When you login on Hookfish Partners, you will see a dashboard, Dashboard is a place where you can manage all your leads. You can see statues of all individual leads.

How do Email and Sms Campaign work?

If you have a contact details of your past customer, you can upload that data to our partners dashboard and then you can send those people your targets message with the help of our Email and SMS Campaign Feature.

Does Facebook ads and Google Ads are included in Membership Package?

No. With our Membership Package you only get 1 Facebook Page and 1 Landing Page by us. Facebook ads and Google Ads Costs are not included in the package. This charge has to be paid by The Broker Separately.

Does Hookfish Partners Have Android or IOS App?

Yes. we have the App under name Hookfish for partners For Android. IOS app is in under development.

Does Hookfish charge any hidden charges?


What is Hookfish cancellation policy?

You can read our cancellation policy here.

How is Customer support for Partners?

We provide an excellent and robust Customer Support for our partners. Our Support team is Highly Professional and Caring. If you have a query related to service or system info our Support Team will rectify as soon as possible.

What type of business does Hookfish Provide?

We provide two services under Hookfish and Hookfish for partners.
1. Under Hookfish - we tie-up exclusively with Individual developers to list their property on our Website, and with our dedicated marketing and sales teams we find potential customer for our flat and try to acquire that customer.
2. Under Hookfish For Partners - We develop a sophisticated service for Property Brokers. Hookfish for Partners is a platform where a broker can list his/her property and can purchase One of our packages where we provide different marketing campaign for brokers to generate Leads and increase his/her revenue. We help brokers to generate leads through our Digital Marketing efforts.